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Frequently Asked Questions

When it’s time to move, we know you have questions. Lots of questions! Find the answers here. Or, call us anytime to discuss your moving needs. We are delighted to help! 727-546-6683.


. Is a deposit required to reserve the move appointment?

No, a deposit is not required to reserve an appointment.

. When do I make payments and how?

Payment is due upon completion of the move. You may make payment by check, credit card, or cash.

. Do you charge from the time you leave the shop till the time you get back?

No. We start our time when we back the truck up and do a walkthrough at your location. Your time will stop upon full placement of all your furniture and boxes.

. Do I need to disassemble any furniture?

You can to help save yourself some time and money but anything we disassemble we will reassemble for you at your new location.

. How much notice do you need if we decide to use your services?

Typically 1-2 weeks is sufficient notice. Keep in mind, the end of the month, beginning of the month, and the weekends are our busiest times. Never wait until the last minute.

. Can I leave my clothes inside my dressers?

Yes you can. Just make sure you don't have any loose or breakable items in the drawers as they will jam your drawers.

. Will movers disconnect my washer?

Unfortunately that is something customers need to do, there is too much liability disconnecting water lines in homes you never know with plumbing and valves. (We do not disconnect any water or electrical lines we recommend hiring a licensed plumber or electrician.)

Packing Tips

Do not overpack moving boxes - the heavier the item, the smaller the moving box.
If you decide to pack yourself, label all the moving boxes as you pack. Write the destination room on the top and sides of each moving box to ensure it gets to the right place in your new home.
Make sure all your boxes are taped and labeled (We can not take any open boxes)
Use packing paper when wrapping anything delicate
Avoid using newspaper because the ink can permanently stain glass ware. Instead, use packing paper
When doing your own packing be sure not to pack any flammables, chemicals, bleaches, or combustible items. These items are not permitted on our trucks

Moving Check List

Get a change of address form.
Start to purge and get rid of some of those items that have been following you for years
Clean out your garage and attic so you do not take any unwanted items with you
Donate your unwanted things to charity
Schedule disconnects for gas, electric, water and the telephone. Don't disconnect the phone until after your move.
Cancel newspapers, cable TV, security, pest control, cleaning help, lawn maintenance and any other services you receive.
Take all your personal items with you guns, weapons, jewelry, deeds, coin collections, etc.