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Long Distance Moving

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Weekly Specials

Week of 4/08-4/14: trip from St. Pete, Fla 33701 - Nolensville, Tn 37135. 9,000# shipment 1 truck, no pack.

Week of 4/08-4/14: trip from Palmetto, Fl 34221 - Richmond, Va 23218. 9,000# shipment 1 truck, no pack.

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Let's Get Moving
Long Distance Services and Rates


Let's Get Moving offers exclusive use of trucks (only one customer/shipment per truck) - we do not mix shipments.
Let's Get Moving is a expedited service- Which means that logistically, the same team that loads you will unload you (no guessing who will be there at the unload).
All of our employees are full time professional movers, no day labor or subcontracted workers.
We plan trips to have the crew load, route and head out the following morning to drive to drop off destination and typically off load the following day, upon arriving at the customers destination.
We service East Coast of US and have a 2-4 day delivery spread instead of a 2-4 week delivery spread like most companies. Payment is upon arrival at the drop off location and due in full at that time, we only accept cash, cashiers check for all long haul moves.


We only offer binding rates, guaranteed not to change unless customer adds in additional work but if nothing changes on the customers end they can rest assure there are no hidden fee's or surprises.
There are things that can change the binding rate and change the price of the move, such as (but not limited to) adding additional pickup or drop off locations, additional furniture added, changing a drop address making the drive time longer, adding in packing services, or if another truck is needed, any closing/customer delays etc. Regardless, the customer will be contacted and go over all information before anything changes.
All of Let's Get Moving's trucks are 26ft box trucks and can carry 8-9,000 pounds of household goods (all trucks are 26k gross vehicle weight). We have licensed drivers and they must stay at or under the 26k#GVW. We are fully licensed and insured.